The State of the Global Construction Industry

Worldwide, the construction industry employs more people than any other industry. In flourishing economies, real estate is often the driving force and before the global financial crises that started in 2008 we had one of the biggest construction booms in history. Unfortunately when the crash happened the exact opposite occurred – we had one of the biggest construction crashes in history.While most people look at the stock market, few recognize the real estate market and how that was impacted. Millions of jobs was lost across the world and in developed countries many large scale building projects came to a grinding halt. This is just one reason why so many people started looking abroad at some developing countries to expand their businesses for the sake of survival.Construction projects in Africa, India and South East Asia kept many companies afloat and although its not nearly that profitable its definitely been an eye opening experiencing that forced many companies to explore new territory. Some companies even started expanding into places like Iraq to take on contracts to rebuild the war torn country.One place that’s been a real haven for construction over the last 10 years is Dubai. Although its only starting to show cracks now, it managed to uphold a vigorous and ambitious building program over the last 10 years. Many American and English firms moved their entire operations to the middle east. With lower running costs, more work and more opportunity it definitely made sense.With Europe and the USA still in a deep economic hole and the Middle East slowing down who knows where the construction industry will turn next. Although there are signs that things are returning to “normal” there is still very little relief for the construction industry. For now government funded work is the main thing to focus on and although it hasn’t got the commercial drive its definitely a way to keep afloat.

Why Do You Need an Automotive Jack?

In places such as the United States and Canada, most people sometimes think of having a car as a necessity. Whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing, unless you reside in a city with excellent public transportation, you just have to own a car. Still, probably because cars are so normal, we sometimes overlook the fact that they are extraordinarily elaborate pieces of machinery. And the fact that they are pretty easy to use covers up the actual truth that they are very heavy and potentially treacherous machines, and that having one needs to carry along lots of quite considerable responsibilities.These responsibilities really should include expertise in taking care of basic repair tasks, for example changing a tire when required. And understanding how to switch a tire implies understanding exactly how to use car jacks.That’s the plain truth. If you own a car and you aren’t familiar with exactly how to make use of a car jack, it’s about time for you to inform yourself. It only takes a few moments to learn, as soon as you’ve done it, you will be ready for your entire life.And just what are the benefits of understanding how to use an automotive jack? For starters, just in case you have not noticed, your car most likely came with a spare tire in the trunk, and there’s a good likelihood that it also included a car jack. Flat auto tires don’t happen all that often, but whenever they happen, understanding how to make use of your jack and extra wheel will make things easier. You will have the ability to repair your issue on your own, and you probably won’t need to concern yourself with the potentially uneasy predicament of needing to get a professional to do this very easy task for you.Grasping how to use a car jack is simple. If you have one already in car, take it out and acquaint yourself with how it works. Ensure that you have gotten a decent understanding of how it operates prior to utilizing it on your car. After that, upon having everything figured out, try it to lift your vehicle. Needless to say, use the right safety procedures, and do it within the supervision someone who knows how to use automotive jacks.In addition to the many benefits of understanding how to operate automotive jacks, you’ll now feel a lot safer each time you get in your automobile. You can embark upon long road trips and not be worried about what may happen if a tire pops, and you will be able to help others out of tough problems. In short, life will be improved.

Overview of ‘Make in India’ Automotive Sector Report 2016

The Government of India recently released the Make in India Automotive Sector report towards highlighting the progress of the Automotive Sector in terms of production enhancements as a result of the policies adopted by the Government of India. As per this report all the major parameters of manufacturing progress which are production, exports and sales have seen a healthy increase and has shown an impressive growth momentum. The most important Key Takeaways from the report are:
Improved InfrastructureThe leading Automobile companies of the world, such as Isuzu Motors, Ford Motors, Tata Motors and Suzuki Motors etc. have invested quite heavily in the sector thereby creating huge manufacturing capabilities to take on much larger orders from across the globe. Whereas Isuzu, Tata, Force Motors, Suzuki, Mercedes Benz and Magneti Mareli all came up with their new plants in the last two years, many other companies have set up Research and Development centres towards development of more models and newer technologies.Rise in Production, Exports and Sales
All the three parameters of Production, Exports and Sales showed healthy increases with the Production increasing by 2.6% in FY 015-2106 with a total production output of 23,960,940 vehicles. At the same time, the sale of passenger vehicles increased by 7.24% in FY 2015-16 with the utility vehicles growing at 6.25%, Vans at 3.58% and Passenger Cars at 7.87%. The commercial vehicles segment grew at a robust 11.51% with medium and heavy commercial vehicles segment growing the fastest, at 29.91% over the previous year. Similarly, three wheeler sales grew by 1.03%, two wheelers by 3.01% along with a healthy increase in the number of electric and hybrid vehicles. The automobile exports also great at 1.91% in spite of the tough global economic environment. Two wheelers accounted for the largest share of exports at 69.4% in FY2015-2016. The auto component industry also grew by 8.8% contributing 4% to the overall Exports of the country.Fiscal Incentives by the Government
There were several incentives offered to the Automobile manufacturing companies to promote the industry in a big way. The Excise duty on chassis of ambulance was reduced from 24% to 12.5% the incentives on the electric and hybrid vehicles were also given by way of reduces excise duties. Along with these various incentives were given to the creation of skilled manpower in the sector through the Automotive Skill Development Council as well as increasing the budget outlay of National Automotive Testing and R&D Infrastructure Project (NATRiP) TO 3727 Crores in July 2016.As is evident, the Government of India has been promoting the automotive production in this country in a big way and has taken various steps towards capacity building and research and development to increase global competencies in the automotive sector. This Automotive Sector Report offers a detailed insight into all these efforts of the Government and the Industry.